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in the office after all  
12:12pm 05/12/2007
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i am redoing my own LJ this afternoon or tomorrow. i was going to wait to see if beest got me a rename token for X-Mas like I asked, but I may as well do it when I have the time. What do you think, do I look good in red?
also, if i want the background of my text-area to appear as black brocade fabric instead of a boring html color, can i do that? or do i need a paid account? can anyone help me with this?
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random links  
09:31pm 04/12/2007
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finally, i upload pictures  
08:19pm 04/12/2007
they are in no particular order, from no particular time, and feature myself, nuapte and jcholewa from random times like Halloween and Sunday. they are also all worksafe.
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I will not be in the office tomorrow, so i have to get all of my fanwanking done today.
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Free Button User Icons For The Gankin'  
11:08am 04/12/2007
I got these in a mass email, but you can find similar buttons at Evolve Fish and Northern Sun.
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another nutritive post  
09:38am 04/12/2007
Before we get started, I would like to state that NONE of my LJ Cuts or HTML codes are working properly today. I am very very irritated by this. is anyone else having this problem? I will leave it like this, and pls report if it is illegible:
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After this weekend's little excursion, I have been thinking about jeans. I totally forgot Urban Outfitters for Grace. Also, we did not go to Mavi, OMG Jeans, Old Navy or American Apparel. I would like to see Grace in a pair of 7 For All Mankind, but the price tag would make her break out in hives.
this weekend is a big-ass Anime Convention at the Javits center - me and drow_dave will hopefully make it out there on Sunday xx crossed fingers xx. if anyone else wants to go, you can either park at my house and we'll go in together or you can meet us at Neutral Ground and we'll all take the shuttle bus to Javits. This saturday is another Salvation, so i hope i can get to that.
Best Cities To Walk: Washington DC and Philadelphia. I want to go to Philly anyway for the Mutter Museum and to hopefully meet IRL one of the finest ladies I have had the pleasure to meet in the Steampunk Online Community, madamekat. Maybe husbeast and I can co-ordinate our trip with an event? we'll see. I'm also planning to hit DC with ppl sometime soon, as a lot of ppl haven't been there since they were kiddies.
this post will be edited for less probiotic content and MORE DIETRICH!!! Srsly, this is the Isaak and Dietrich Fanlisting. They have gankable icons....^^
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in case you haven't seen it  
01:17pm 03/12/2007

The Cover Of This Week's New York Mag.

this image stopped me dead in my tracks on the street.
i wonder how many copies this mag sold.
The article, btw, is a serious look at "the booming spa industry" and the rising demand for female labor, mostly drawn from the "recent immigrant population". click to read.
free ganked topical icon here:

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Free Dance Lessons Jan 8th.
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Love Like Winter  
09:16am 03/12/2007
Hey ppl,
Thank you to everyone who gave me their 2 cents on the Anti-Beef Rant.
Shopping yesterday was productive if painful - jcholewa got a kickass pair of jeans from Uniqlo and husbeast got himself a brand new beautiful wintery coat from Lucky Jeans (Click to see). orelalaith and drow_dave didn't pick anything up this time, but I have a feeling there will be another shopping trip soon - we all need jeans, and Uniqlo does free same-day alteration (not bad for a store that charges $49.99 for jeans). I totally forgot to take JC and Grace to American Apparel on Spring Street, but I have to stop forcing my androgyny on everyone else.
Hope everyone had a great weekend, have to go read the friends' page now.
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this post is about yogurt and fish  
09:34am 02/12/2007
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I would like to recommend plain sheep yogurt and plain goat yogurt. they are delicious. Ditto for sheep and goat milk. The brands I bought at both Trader Joe's and Whole Foods were free of growth hormones, thickeners and other crap, and weren't too sweet or watery. they only had 3g of sugar per container and a TON of active cultures. NOTE: One 4oz serving of Activia(TM) has 17g of sugar! For those not avoiding cow products, I recommend Greek Gods Traditional Yogurt. It's thick, delicious, and only comes in Plain or With Honey. OMG Honey flavor = NOMNOMNOM. either the goat yogurt or the Plain Greek Gods yogurt are phenomenal for tsatziki sauce and no draining is required. the sheep yogurt....well, it's a little different. it basically tastes like ricotta cheese but without the tiny curds. since I can eat ricotta cheese by the spoonful, i am pleased.
Today is a trip to Manhattan with my surrogate family. i am so enthused. If anyone wants to come by, either be at my house by 1pm or meet us in the city between 2 and 6. dinner (both veg and regular) will follow, as well as Trinity Blood.
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for husbeast  
02:53pm 30/11/2007

....it's better if you click on it.
you should put this up at NG.
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hey 6 Apart!  
01:57pm 30/11/2007
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